Peevish's twelfth performance, May 26th, 2002.
It's a Beautiful Pizza, Portland, Oregon.

Toto called this performance "shattered" and "broken"

Have Another Beer
Ezra - soloist (recorder)
Wilson - falling downstairs, crawldance

You Were Wrong, Life is a Circus Not a Cabaret
Joe - mc202
Ezra - shortwave radio
Taylor and Wilson - slinky

Chakra is Backwards
Wilson - soloist (synth)
Joe - center stage

The One Who Has Completed All Hard Things
Ezra - vocals
Joe - sax
Taylor - sax
Wilson - synth

Start Up Down
Joe, Taylor, Ezra - clock radios
Wilson - buttons, wandering

Variation on It's What You Do When No One's Looking
Joe - soloist (cornet, bowl of water)
Taylor - water, heighth

A Comprehensible Forward-Thinking Direction That You Should Be Asking Me About
Blair - flute, this that and the other thing
Ivan - cello, other stuff
Wilson - synth, anything hanging around
Ezra - strings, everything else
Joe - cornet, stuff
Taylor - sax, the thing over there
A special spontaneous performance of the Peevish Dancers by Kelvin, Toto, and Jean-Paul

Interrupt Myself Over and Over
Taylor - soloist (sax)
Ezra - moving
Blair, Ezra, Ivan, Joe, Wilson joined in at the end.

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